Academic Credits for Independent Study

“American students often venture overseas barely able to speak the language, clueless about the culture or just not quite ready to be so far from home for so long. But almost invariably, they return worldlier and more confident, with wisdom that will last a lifetime”
The Washington Post Magazine, November 2, 2008

Guidelines for obtaining academic credit

• Contact the Study Abroad Advisor or the Italian Language Department at your college and find out about requirements regarding academic credit for Italian immersion programs abroad.

• Please inform us which documents are required, i.e. program syllabus, teaching method etc and we will forward this information either to you or directly to the Study Abroad Advisor.

• Once you have the approval of your Study Abroad Advisor make sure that all registration paper work required by your college is completed before signing up for your Italian language course. Bring any forms which your Study Abroad program requires with you and have them filled out by your teacher abroad before returning to the United States.

• Throughout your Italian language study you will be assessed by your teachers. In order to obtain Academic credit you must complete your course work, attend classes and attain the expected grade level for your course.

• At the end of your study abroad program your academic transcript will be sent to your college for the transfer of academic credit.

• Fees for the transfer of academic credit will be charged by your college. These fees are separate to and in addition to the cost of your study abroad program which has to be paid to Centro Fiorenza. The cost of the academic credit varies depending on your college and of the number of credits. These fees are payable directly to your college.

• Please apply for an Italian immersion program abroad if possible 12 weeks in advance in order to allow sufficient time for the program to be approved by your college, for you to apply for a visa, etc.

Italian language courses offered at Centro Fiorenza approved by the following Universities / Colleges:

Georgetown University, DC
George Mason University, Virginia
Washington University, St. Louis
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
Community Colleges, California
Berkeley Preparatory School, Florida