Is there a minimum age requirement to enroll in courses at Centro Fiorenza?
Yes, the general intensive Italian courses require a minimum age of 17. The 40+ Plus course is for adults.

When is it possible to start a course?
Classes for beginners who have never learned Italian begin on specific start dates. Classes for participants who have already studied the Italian language may start on any Monday.

How long are the lessons?
Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes.

How do I select the course that is right for me?
This depends on your length of stay and personal needs. For example, students who are staying for longer periods of time generally enroll in our Basic Intensive courses which include 4 lessons of 50 minutes each. Students who only have a limited amount of time to learn Italian usually prefer to choose the Super Intensive course which offers 30 lessons per week, Combined Courses or One-to-One tuition.

Centro Fiorenza also offers many special courses including: Business Italian, Examination Courses for a variety of National Italian Exams, Italian & Cooking Classes, Italian & Culture Course, Italian & Drawing, Italian & Internship etc

Will extra help be provided if I have any particular difficulty?
Yes, apart from your lessons our director of studies is always available to help.

Once the session has begun, can I change my course level or classes?
Yes. We require the proper level placement for each student, therefore if you feel you are not in the appropriate level, you are encouraged to speak with your teacher or the Director of Studies who will help you find a solution.

Are make up classes provided for classes that are missed due to holidays?
Only the individual One-to-One classes are made up but students are encouraged to take advantage of the extra, free tutorials provided by the school when classes are missed due to holidays. In addition, please check the public holidays in the price-list before confirming your enrollment.


How far in advance do I need to complete my reservation?
We recommend you reserve your accommodation at least 1 month in advance. Florence is a popular tourist destination and if you wish to book accommodation during high season (July and August) we advise you to make the reservation as early as possible. We also do accept last minute reservations, please check accommodation availability with us.

Is transportation information provided on how to get to my accommodation from school?
Students are provided with information on how to get to school (bus-numbers, distance, etc) when they are given the address and description of their accommodation. Accommodations are either within walking distance or can easily be reached by bus (apx. 10 – 15 minutes).

Can I stay for extra nights?
If not requested differently, accommodation is reserved from Sunday prior to the beginning of the
course until Saturday after the end it. It is however possible, on request, to check in on Saturday and check out on Sunday . There is an extra fee for any extra nights in the accommodation. Should you need further additional nights, we will help you find a suitable hotel, pension or hostel.

Who do I speak to regarding my arrival time to my accommodation?
It is best to contact your host family / landlord a few days before your arrival. If you do not feel comfortable speaking Italian over the phone, please contact the school so we can comunicate your arrival time.

Can I use the telephone to make and receive calls from my accommodation?
This depends on the type of accommodation you have:
• Residences: studios and apartments in Residences are equipped with a phone.
• Home stay: most families do not mind you receiving calls after checking
convenient times with them
• Private apartments and shared flats: generally no telephone is available.
Depending on your accommodation, you may wish to purchase an Italian cell phone with a prepaid card or rent a cell phone. We can always supply you with more information if you are interested in purchasing or renting an Italian phone.

Are electricity and water included in my accommodation or do I need to pay seperately?
• Residence and home stay: electricity and water are included in your payment.
• Private and shared apartments: utilities are not included and are paid directly to
the owner of the apartment.

Can I leave my current accommodation with Centro Fiorenza without penalty if I find another apartment or accommodation?
Should you decide to change your accommodation, we require 4 weeks notice.
Exceptions are granted under the discretion of the housing coordinator and/or the management
of the Centro Fiorenza.

What is Centro Fiorenza’s responsibility if problems occur in student housing?
Centro Fiorenza will do everything possible to ensure that your stay meets your expectations.
If you have a problem, we suggest you talk to the landlady/-lord first. It is surprising how many things
are just misunderstandings. If there is anything you do not understand or feel unhappy about,
get in touch with our housing-coordinator.

Can Centro Fiorenza offer accommodation if I am not studying a course at the school?
Sorry, the Centro Fiorenza accommodation service is only available for our students.


Are excursions offered through Centro Fiorenza during the week and weekends for students?
Yes, Centro Fiorenza offers weekly cultural activities and full day excursions every weekend. We also organize many weekend excursions to Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, and Sorrento/The Almafi Coast, etc.

Can I work in Italy if I am studying with Centro Fiorenza?
Some EU students may find a job in Florence but it can be difficult for students who are non EU citizens to find work since they cannot easily obtain a work permit. Centro Fiorenza does not offer a job placement service.

What are the working hours at Centro Fiorenza?
Centro Fiorenza’s working hours are: Mondays - Fridays from 9:00 until 18:00. Only One-to-One lessons, or special programs may be held on weekends, but generally we are closed during the weekend, and always on holidays.

Does Centro Fiorenza offer insurance to their students and if so, how much does it cost?
All students at Centro Fiorenza are insured against accident that may happen inside the school or outside the school premises during guided activities organised by the school. However we advise students to take out medical and personal insurance before leaving their home country.

Can I receive mail at Centro Fiorenza?
Yes, we have a designated postal area for students to receive mail. We recommend that you give your friends and relatives the school address rather than the address of your accommodation.