We suggest that students coming from countries where an entry visa is required for the Italian authorities, to contact the Italian Embassy in their country for detailed information on what documents will be needed. This may include an insurance policy, an enrolment certificate from Centro Fiorenza, as well as documents proving the financial support throughout the study period in Italy.

The school will emit an Enrolment Certificate and send it to the student after he/she has completed enrolment and the school has received complete payment for the course.

RESIDENCE PERMIT (for non EU-students)

Our office staff is happy to help you to complete any documentation required for the residence permit.

For stays over 90 days you will need the following:

• Kit with all necessary forms for the residence permit request available at the Post Office (form 1)
• receipt of payment of € 107,50 for the electronic procedure (kit and “bollettino” are available at the post office “Ufficio Postale” in Via Pellicceria 3)
• receipt of INA ASSITALIA insurance policy (€ 49 for a 6 months stay, € 98 for a year's stay) or equivalent health insurance from your home country
• government stamp for EUR 16,-- ("marca da bollo" – available at tobacconist’s shop)
• 4 identical photos, passport size
• photocopy of only the first and the visa pages of your passport
• a photocopy of credit card or statement of account, certifying sufficient funds.
• Centro Fiorenza enrolment certificate.

All requested documents have to be submitted personally, with your passport, at  the post office,  (Ufficio Postale, sportello Amico, Via Pellicceria 3)  and you have to pay € 30 in cash  for administrative expenses.       

For stays under 90 days:

• Fill out and sign the presence’s declaration in two copies
• photocopy of all pages (with the exception of the blank ones) of your passport

All requested documents have to be submitted personally at the Questura in Via della Fortezza 17


For stays over 90 days:

Make an appointment phoning 055 055 and submit the following documentation personallly at the register office (Ufficio Anagrafe del Comune di Firenze, in Palazzo Vecchio) on the appointed day and hour:

• Passport or ID in original