Duration: 1,2,3,4 or more weeks
Italian Language course: 20 lessons/week
Italian Cuisine: One evening/week (approx 4 hours)

If you ask travellers who have visited Italy what they liked most, many will answer: “its ancient history,” others will reply “its fashion” or “its contemporary design,” but no one will forget to add “and of course the delicious food and wine”.
Yes, for Italians, eating and drinking well is deeply rooted in their culture. This is why amid the rich choice of cultural programs offered at Centro Fiorenza one of the most popular is our “Italian Language & Cuisine”.
During evening sessions, which take place at a professional cooking school, under a chefs’ expert guidance, students learn the secrets and prepare dishes using techniques of traditional Italian cuisine, particularly Tuscan cooking. Starting with individual ingredients, students learn to blend each element into a harmonious whole. Particular attention is paid both to cooking times and temperatures, and to the traditions and historical origins of each recipe.
The way in which the food is presented is very important too. An accurate presentation favours the success of a dish, by making it look immediately appetizing. At the end of each lesson, students and teachers discuss and analyse the dishes and their specific characteristics. Finishing the theoretical part of the lesson, students will enjoy eating the dishes they have prepared accompanied by the right combination of excellent Italian wines, all in a merry atmosphere.

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