Centro Fiorenza - Brochure

... AND TO CENTRO FIORENZA on the Island of Elba THE SCHOOL Centro Fiorenza’s branch on the Island of Elba enjoys all the characteristics of friendliness and professional standards which distinguish the school in Florence. The school is located in Marciana Marina, on the north-west coast, few minutes drive from the beautiful bay of Procchio. Marciana Marina is an enchanting fishermen village where one can still taste the atmosphere of the past. To get the most out of Elba’s mild climate, classes, conducted by the same expert teachers from Florence, are usually held outdoors, in secluded and shady spots. The school, based at the Hotel Tamerici, a 4-star- hotel with a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere, is open from May to October with group or individual courses, and offers a rich social program including sport and leisure activities. THE COURSES INTENSIVE GROUP COURSES · • 20 LESSONS / WEEK – BASIC INTENSIVE COURSE · • 30 LESSONS / WEEK – BASIC INTENSIVE COURSE + CONVERSATION COURSE In order to place students in the right level, a written and oral test is administered at the beginning of the course. Each lesson lasts 50 min. Class sizes are limited to 10 students (average 4/6). The Conversation course can only be booked in combination with another course. D URATION : 1, 2 OR MORE WEEKS COMBINED COURSE • 20 GROUP LESSONS + 10 INDIVIDUAL LESSONS / WEEK Ideal for participants who want to make the most of their stay or for those who, for professional reasons, have to learn specific aspects of the Italian language. D URATION : 1, 2 OR MORE WEEKS