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Italian Internship People who have not yet chosen a specific career may find it very helpful to combine the study of a foreign language with a period of unpaid internship in companies or business organisations involved in important, interesting, and challenging work. This kind of program offers a valuable opportunity for the student to become acquainted with a foreign professional environment and widen the student’s horizons while learning specific terminologies and entering in contact with organizations which can be useful for a future professional life. We offer exciting Language training and Internship programs in the following fields: ✑ Hotel and Restaurant ✑ Tourism ✑ Marketing ✑ Administration ✑ Fashion ✑ Import / Export ✑ Architecture and Design ✑ Fine Arts STRUCTURE OF THE PROGRAM: Part One : 4 or more weeks of Italian language training. To be eligible for the internship stage, students must at least reach an Intermediate level of Italian (B1). Part Two : 4 or more weeks ( maximum 16) of internship. Our students usually join highly successful businesses located in and around Florence. Other locations can also be considered. HOW TO ENROL: Students must send an Enrolment Form and Resume (Curriculum Vitae) at least 60 days before the language course starting date, indicating length of the language course and internship required. Together with the above documents students have to send the Internship Questionnaire supplied by the school or the agency. After the school acceptance, students pay the full fee for language training and internship training phases. The school confirms enrolment and sends all the necessary documentation. SERVICES PROVIDED FOR THE INTERNSHIP: ƒ Evaluation of the Student resume and Internship Questionnaire. ƒ Finding the company / organisation for the Internship stage. ƒ Interview and Assistance in the presentation of the necessary documents. ƒ Introduction of student to the chosen company/organisation and to the tutor to define the working program. ƒ Certificate of Attendance issued by the internship company/organisation. ƒ Accommodation (only for Florence). The Italian Language & Internship course is offered throughout the year. For more details please consult our pricelist or check our website www.centrofiorenza.com