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COURSE FOR LIFELONG LEARNERS (40+) ISLAND OF ELBA Off season is a delightful time to visit Italy. With the period of mass tourism over, one can more fully appreciate the little treasures of the Island of Elba, the quietness of its villages, the tranquility of its beaches, the taste of its local foods and wines. So this is a good time to enroll in one of the following programs. Come for a visit off season, when you can enjoy the leisurely tempo, learn more about Italian history and culture, enjoy the nature, and improve your ability to speak the beautiful language of Italy. TWO WEEKS PROGRAM: Italian language : 3 lessons/day Monday to Friday (30 lessons total) Lecture : General information on the island, its people, history, Napoleon’s 10 months stay on the island, geological formation, fauna, food and wine. Visits : •The Napoleon villas: All over Elba there are signs attesting the frenetic activity that governed Napoleon’s ten-month course as ruler of his “Elba Empire”. But it is at Portoferraio where the best conserved and concrete testimony to Napoleon's presence on Elba is visible. •Portoferraio: is the charming port, largest city and capital of the island of Elba. Portoferraio's historic heart is preserved in the narrow streets behind the harbor, in the alleys and the steps leading the way to the Medicean fortifications: Fort Falcone and Fort Stella. •Wine tasting: Following the "strade del vino", the wine roads, of Elba means appreciating the oenological tradition of this island, with its famous dessert wines, white wines from Ansonica grapes, red wines and rosé wines; full-bodied, dry, light, fruity, spicy, garnet-, ruby-and gold - colored wines . Excursions : 2 light trekking : hiking on Elba means retracing thousands of years of history comprising its inhabitants, prehistoric grottoes, ancient stone villages, Etruscan fortresses and furnaces, and ancient granite caves carved out by the Romans, and the ruins of medieval churches and fighting towers. Farewell dinner UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY : Centro Fiorenza offers a unique opportunity to combine your experience on the Island of Elba with something almost completely different. Florence is only three hours away, in the heart of Tuscany. In Florence you can continue your study immersed in its history and culture while enjoying the worldwide celebrated food and wine. To attend a Course for Lifelong Learner (40+) it is advisable to have a little knowledge of the Italian language.