Centro Fiorenza - Brochure

THE COURSES & LEVELS In accordance with the Common European Framework, we offer training in 12 levels of knowledge of the Italian language, ranging from “complete beginner” “to proficient”. The last levels, 11 and 12 (corresponding to CEF C2), will be offered upon specific request. In order to place students in the right level, a written and oral test is administered on the first day of the course. To monitor a student’s progress and advance in the various levels, each student will be asked to sit for a final level test. I NTENSIVE GROUP COURSES • 20 LESSONS / WEEK • 24 LESSONS / WEEK • 30 LESSONS / WEEK The normal time required,to complete one level, is 4 weeks but it is also possible to attend a course for shorter periods. Lessons last 50 minutes each and are held from Monday to Friday. Class-sizes are limited to 12 students (average 7/8). D URATION : 1 - 48 WEEKS COMBINED COURSE - 20 GROUP LESSONS + 5 INDIVIDUAL LESSONS / WEEK - 20 GROUP LESSONS + 10 INDIVIDUAL LESSONS / WEEK This combination of group and individual lessons at an attractive price is ideal for those who wish to get the maximum profit from their study sejour or for those who, for professional reasons, need to deal with specific topics in the Italian language. D URATION : 2 - 36 WEEKS BUSINESS ITALIAN COURSE - 10 LESSONS / WEEK ( PARTICULARLY DEDICATED TO ECONOMIC AND COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS AND THEIR RELEVANT TERMINOLOGY .) Designed for those who are already professionally involved in business and international trade as well as for university or college students. The aim of this course is to develop a student’s abilities in active communication, both oral and written, with regard to professional situations. This course can be attended independently or in combination with another group or individual course. An intermediate level of italian is requested. D URATION : 2, 3 AND 4 WEEKS