Centro Fiorenza - Brochure

THE NEW COURSES IN FLORENCE EXAMINATION COURSE • 24 GROUP LESSONS / WEEKS FOR 8 WEEKS + • 20 GROUP LESSONS + 5 INDIVIDUAL LESSONS / WEEK FOR 4 WEEKS + • F INAL EXAMINATION C ENTRO F IORENZA This “package” gives students the opportunity to prepare, in a relatively short time, to sit for the various official Italian examinations like CILS, CELI, PLIDA, IT. D URATION : 12 WEEKS LANGUAGE & CULTURE COURSE • 20 ITALIAN LESSONS + 4 CULTURE LESSONS / WEEK This course offers the student the opportunity to study the language and to get to know the various aspects of Italian History and culture touching such topics as: The Italian Peninsula and the Italians; Italian language and its dialects; The political system pre and post war; Italian society; Classical and pop music; Famous Italian men and women of the past and present; Italian life style; Cinema and other media; Regional traditions and folklore; The conflict between North and South Italy and the Mafia; The history of Italy in the Twentieth century. An Intermediate level of Italian is requested. D URATION : 2 - 48 WEEKS . 50 PLUS COURSE • 15 ITALIAN LESSONS / WEEK + 4 CULTURE PROGRAM In Florence or on the Island of Elba. 2 week language courses combined with a rich cultural program particularly tailored for mature but always “evergreen” persons.An Elementary level of Italian is requested. D URATION : 2 WEEKS ONE-TO-ONE TUITION • 10 - 50 LESSONS / WEEK For many years important international firms have been sending their managerial and office staff for language training. These demanding and flexible programmes are individually tailored and supervised by a special member of our staff. Students can book weekly modules and, upon request, lessons can also take place on weekends. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes. D URATION : 1 OR MORE WEEKS . • Cooking Courses and various Studio Art Courses (painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramic, etc.) Contemporary Jewellery Courses For those who after completing their education in Italian language wish to specialise in the creation of Contemporary Jewellery, we recommend “ALCHIMIA”, a small and highly professional school located near Centro Fiorenza. More detailed information is available at our secretary’s office. GRAMMAR CLINIC One day per week (usually on Tuesday from 18,00 to 20,00) one of teachers is at the complete disposition of students to help them solve any didactic problem that may have appeared in class. These 2 lessons/week are free of charge.