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“A green garden set in a blue sea”. This is the unforgettable view you have when arriving at the island by ferry or plane. Located in Tuscany, only two hours away from Florence, Elba is the third largest island of Italy, following Sicily and Sardinia. Its 224 square km offer an astonishing variety of landscapes: rolling hills covered by a green carpet of vegetation the whole year round, climbing gently to Monte Capanne (1019 m). From this vantage point, which you can reach by cable-car, you will admire pine forests, ancient chestnut trees and oaks, eucalyptus and century plants right down to the sea shore. The island’s 150 km of sea shore, with its sandy bays and delightful coves and clean sea water teeming with life, are the ideal location for those who love to bathe and fish. The weather on Elba is mild all year and never unpleasantly hot in summer. Elba also has a rich and varied history that goes back to the Stone Age. It was known to the Greeks by the name of Aethalia, and in later times Etruscans and Romans settled there and exploited its rich mines full of minerals and iron. In more recent times, thanks to its strategic position, the island was contended between the Great Powers. Napoleon lived in exile here in 1814-15. Reminders of its rich past are scattered here and there on the island and also in collections of Elba’s interesting museums. If you leave the beaches and take a walk along the roads, you will also immediately feel the atmosphere of peace that pervades such fishing villages as Marciana Marina and Porto Azzurro, or hill villages like Poggio, Marciana and Capoliveri. In the friendliness and simplicity of its inhabitants you can catch something of the old traditions. WELCOME TO THE ISLAND OF ELBA