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: 2 weeks (1 week attendance upon request)

Italian Language course

: 20 lessons / week (Monday – Friday)

Drawing course

: 12 lessons / week (4 lessons / 3 times/week)

In conjunction with the study of the Italian language, this

drawing course is offered as a way of enriching and

deepening one’s experience in Florence. By taking the time to

look, study and draw from

the works of several masters of drawing,

painting, sculpture and architecture, the student will have a bet-

ter appreciation of the artistic legacy of the Renaissance in its

breadth and depth—some of its principle ideas and contributions

to western thought, as well as the quality and precision of the

expression of these ideas in its art.

The word “perspective” comes from the Latin per-

spicere, which means “to see clearly.” The discipline of

drawing gives us tools, such as that of one-point

perspective, that help us understand something

unfamiliar or in order to see it in a new way. You never

forget something once you have spent time drawing it.

Beginners and those with drawing

experience are welcome.

For more detailed information please check our

pricelist or contact our office