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: 2 weeks (1 week attendance upon request)

Italian Language course:

20 lessons / week (Monday – Friday)

Drawing course:

12 lessons / week (4 lessons / 3 times/week)

The aim of the course is to enrich and expand the student’s

experience on the Island of Elba through the practice of drawing.

Nature will be our classroom, and teacher, as we head outdoors

with our sketchbooks to explore the beauty of the island. There will

be a series of drawing exercises, designed to help us in our

observation, and our ability to express and communicate the beauty

of this unique landscape. The student will learn and put into practice

the fundamentals of drawing, such as gesture, contour, chiaroscuro,

texture, and the use of measurement and onepoint perspective. With

these new skills, one is better able to translate one’s experiences into a

visual language. The sketchbook will become the student’s place to

document his or her various perceptions, thoughts, curiosities and

experiences of being in Italy. No previous drawing experience is


For more detailed information please check our pricelist or contact our

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