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What makes Italy famous worldwide? Artistic masterpieces, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, high fashion, the

melodious beauty of the language … each and all are available to those who visit Italy to learn more about the nation

and its culture. And

Centro Fiorenza – IH Florence

offers a Special Course which covers all these topics.


“Course for Lifelong Learners (40+)”

has an intense and interesting program in the classroom and

throughout the city with:

Italian language classes

: The lessons will be focused mainly on

improving communication skills and every day conversation.

They will allow students to interact with Italians during their

Florentine stay.

History of Italian Art

lectures enriched with guided visits to the

most famous Florentine museums. No need to say how many

artistic treasures you can discover in a town like Florence. Just

strolling in the historic city center you have the sensation of

wandering in a magical past.

Practical Cooking and Wine


lessons: Learn, under the

supervision of a professional cook, how to prepare delicious

Italian recipes. Join the informative and fun wine tasting and

visit to a vineyard designed for anyone with an interest in

wines. Returning home you can surprise your family and friends

with your cooking ability and wine combination!

Meeting with

Florentine Artisans

, a fantastic, ancient world,

which unfortunately has almost disappeared. Introductory

lectures followed by interactive meetings with the artisans,

“maestri” working in leather, wood, and gold at their “bottega”.


the 2 week group course includes:

Italian Language

: 3 lessons/day from Monday to Friday (total of

30 lessons)

Art History

: 2 museum visits (e.g. Uffizi, Accademia, Palazzo

Vecchio, Bargello, Cappelle Medicee)

The Culture of Food

: 1 cooking lesson, 1 wine tasting, 1 visit to a


Meet the Artisans

: 1 introductory lesson + 2 visits to Artisans’


Farewell Lunch

In collaboration with

Text book




From May to September, when both our centers in Florence and on the Island of Elba are open,

we offer a unique opportunity to combine the experience of Florence with something almost completely different. Only

three hours away, just off the coast of Tuscany, is the Island of Elba, near and yet remote. On Elba the students can

continue their studies immersed in nature and surrounded by the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. It is of course

possible to start first on Elba and then continue in Florence.

A rich calendar of other social and cultural activities is available during the program.

To attend a Course for Lifelong Learner (40+) it is advisable to have a little knowledge of the Italian language.