Centro Fiorenza - Brochure

A rich historical legacy as well as vibrant contemporary developments make Florence one of the most famous cities in the world. Here was born and continued to evolve the Italian language. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Florence became a world cultural centre where artists, architects, writers and scholars did things rarely, if ever, equalled. The evidence of these achievements is still present all over Florence in its palaces, squares, churches, monuments and museums. The view of the town from Piazzale Michelangelo is something unforgettable. Today Florence is an active commercial centre for business and banking, for the production of leather goods and clothing, as well as for fashion design. The perfect dimension of a “town made to man’s measure,” Florence counts less than 500,000 inhabitants. At the same time its innumerable artistic treasures and the natural beauties of the Tuscan countryside attract many people from all over the world to come to Florence as their place for an unforgettable combination of learning and pleasure. After a busy day, the numerous and characteristic restaurants, bars, and nightclubs of Florence offer both residents and visitors a pleasant and animated way to meet people and make new friendships. WELCOME TO FLORENCE ....and there emerged Florence, a magic city where people thought and did the most extraordinary things.... E.M.Forster “A room with a view”