Centro Fiorenza - Brochure

THE TEAM S ISSY S EIWALD . Founding partner and Administrator of Centro Fiorenza. Of Austrian origin, Sissy has lived in Italy since 1974 and speaks fluent Italian, German and English. Thanks to many years as the director of the school, she has extensive experience in the field of language education. One of her main responsibilities is the organization and supervising of the school’s daily life. A UGUSTO M ERLINI . In 1982 he founded, together with Sissy, the Centro Fiorenza. A Certificate of Education in Business and a University degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures gives him the possibility of experimenting with both sides of this work. He started as a teacher and then continued as marketing and promotion director for Centro Fiorenza. F RANCESCA P UGLISI . With a University degree in Pedagogy at the University of Florence, Francesca started in 1988 working at the school as a teacher. Her passion for the Italian language and her constant attendance at refresher courses keep her always updated on the most modern teaching techniques. She has earned the Certificate for Teaching Italian to Foreigners (DITALS). Since 1994 she has been the director of study and responsible for teacher training at Centro Fiorenza. M ARTINA B ALZER . In 1989 as a young German student, Martina studied Italian at Centro Fiorenza and after completing her study remained as one of the staff- members. General administration, bookings, payments and students’ accommodations are her responsibilities. Martina is fluent in Italian, English and German. Centro Fiorenza offers a wide selection of language and culture courses, both group or one- to-one, to give everyone the opportunity to select the type of course most suitable to their need.