Courses Centro Fiorenza

Florence School

Italian & Italian Culture

This course offers the opportunity to study the Italian language and to get to know the various aspects of Italian history and culture.

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Italian Examination course

This "package" gives students the opportunity to prepare, in a relatively short time, to sit for the various official Italian examinations.. »

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Italian One to One Lessons

For many years important international companies and embassies have been sending their managerial and staff members for language training... »

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Italian & Italian Cooking

If you ask travelers who have visited Italy what they liked most, many will answer: “its ancient history,” others will reply “its.. »

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Italian & Italian Drawing

In conjunction with the study of the Italian language, this drawing course is offered as a way of enriching and deepening one’s experience.. »

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Italian & Photography

Florence is thanks to its artistic and historical riches one of the most photographed cities in the world.

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Course for Lifelong Learners

What makes Italy famous worldwide? Artistic masterpieces, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, high fashion, the melodious beauty of the Italian.. »

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Italian Evening Classes

This evening Italian language course is economic, efficient and entertaining and is designed for those who work or study during the day.

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Island of Elba School

One to One Italian Lessons

For many years important international companies have been sending their managers and staff members for language training. Personalized.. »

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