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From North to South

From North to South

Journey through different regions of Italy to discover the most characteristic Italian holiday.

  • The course is recommended for students with a knowledge of Italian starting from level A2, and focuses on Italian culture, in particular on the typical festivals of each region.

  • The aim of the course is to develop the four main skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing), with particular attention to production skills and oral comprehension.

  • A lesson lasts 50 minutes. Each lesson focuses on a typical festival of an Italian region (Il Calcio Storico Fiorentino for Tuscany, the Carnival of Ivrea for Piedmont, La Notte della Taranta for Puglia etc.)

  • During the lesson various activities are carried out: watching and commenting on a video, describing photographs, reading a text, discussing with the class.

  • The lessons are held in Italian.

  • The course takes place twice a week.
  • Cost - 40 € a person per week
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