Study Abroad in Italy

Study Abroad Programs in Florence and on the Island of Elba

Study Adroad in Centro Fiorenza

For many years Centro Fiorenza has been collaborating with American and Canadian Universities and Colleges in organizing their Study Abroad Programs for spring and fall semesters, summer and J-term programs or simply for classroom rentals.

These programs can include Italian language courses of all levels, courses in Italian Culture, History of Art – the Renaissance or Contemporary Art, Italian Food Traditions and Italian Cooking lessons, Famous Italian Designers and their influence in Fashion, Italian Literature, Italian Opera, Italian Cinema, Italian Politics, The Italian car industry, History of the Italian Mafia, Influence of the Italian Church, Immigration to the United States, Recent Immigration to Europe, etc.

Accommodation can be provided with Italian host families or in shared student accommodations.

Museums visits as well as field trips can be included in the programs.

Studying in Italy, a wonderful experience..

“American students often venture overseas barely able to speak the language, clueless about the culture or just not quite ready to be so far from home for so long. But almost invariably, they return worldlier and more confident, with wisdom that will last a lifetime”

The Washington Post Magazine

Here are some of our partners: George Mason University, Virginia - Washington University, St. Louis - Lipscomb University, Tennessee - University of Cincinnati - Colleges from Florida and California - Berkeley Preparatory School, Florida - Baylor University, Texas - Community Colleges, California - Douglas College, Vancouver, etc.

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